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Having your piano tuned and serviced

Does your piano need a tuning? A well-tuned piano just sounds so much better! Our expert piano technicians will visit you to tune and regulate your piano.

Restoring your piano

Do you have a piano that needs major maintenance or even a restoration? Pianos Maene specializes in restorations of historic instruments and grand pianos from Steinway & Sons and other top brands. We restore pianos with respect for the original materials and sound of the instrument, and also restore the furniture using traditional techniques.

Our service

Pianos Maene has been focused on 1 thing for 3 generations: pianos! Furthermore, the customer is our main focus. Read here what that means for you.

Atelier 'Chris Maene' - Artisanal Piano Building

The studio "Chris Maene" is renowned across the globe. We build our own modern Straight Strung Concert Grand pianos, but also replicas of historic harpsichords and pianofortes. We also restore instruments with respect for their history. Artisan craftsmanship in one of the largest piano studios in Europe.

Maintenance for professionals, institutes and concert halls

Pianos Maene maintains and tunes pianos for about a hundred institutions, concert halls, recording studios and other professionals. Contact our service manager Jos Kiebert for high frequency maintenance and intensive service at top level, at customized rates.

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